Removing a network analysis layer from ArcMap

When you have completed your analysis, you might want to remove the layer from ArcMap.

When a map document that contains a network analysis layer is saved and closed, the features, records, and properties that make up the network analysis layer are stored in the map document. This means that the more network analysis objects you add to a network analysis layer, the more storage space the ArcMap document occupies. (Note, however, the network dataset is not stored in the ArcMap document.) Removing unused network analysis layers can save system resources.


If you have inputs or results in your network analysis layer that you want to retain for future use, you should export each of those corresponding network analysis classes as a feature class, shapefile, or table. Alternatively, you can store the network analysis layer as an LYR file. Once a network analysis layer is removed, you cannot recover the inputs or results that were stored in the layer.

Learn more about saving network analysis layers
  1. Right-click the network analysis layer in the table of contents or Network Analyst window.
  2. Choose Remove.