Fixing the errors reported after building the network

After edits are made to turns (or any other features participating in the network), you need to rebuild your network dataset and address any new errors introduced by the edits. If an error is encountered during the build, it is reported after the process is completed.


Build errors are also written to a BuildErrors.txt file in the temp directory. This file only stores the errors from the last build performed; so it is not cumulative. To access the temp directory, open Windows Explorer and enter %temp% in the address bar.

  1. Start ArcMap by clicking Start > All Programs > ArcGIS > ArcMap 10.
  2. Click the Catalog window button Catalog Window on the Standard toolbar.

    The dockable Catalog window opens.

  3. Navigate to the feature class participating in the network.
  4. Drag the feature class into the map or table of contents.
  5. Click the Editor Toolbar button Editor Toolbar on the Standard toolbar.

    The Editor toolbar is displayed.

  6. Click the Editor menu on the Editor toolbar and click Start Editing.

    The Start Editing dialog box opens.

  7. In the build errors log file, search for the feature that caused the build error.
  8. Edit the feature to fix the error.
  9. Repeat the last two steps for each build error.
  10. When the edits to the feature classes are completed, on the Editor toolbar, click Editor > Stop Editing.
  11. Click Yes to save the edits.
  12. On the Network Analyst toolbar, click the Build Network Dataset button Build Network Dataset.
  13. NoteNote:

    Network build errors caused by editing turn features are reported in the same way as other errors encountered while building the network dataset.

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