Migrating a turn table to a shapefile

You may already have a turn table that you want to convert to a turn feature class for a network dataset in a shapefile or a geodatabase workspace. This topic steps through the process of migrating a turn table from a shapefile workspace to a turn feature class in the same workspace. These steps can be executed in ArcMap or ArcCatalog.

  1. On the menu bar, click Geoprocessing > Search For Tools.

    The dockable Search window opens with the Tools category selected.

  2. Click Network Analyst Tools in the list of toolboxes in the Search window.

    A list of toolsets and tools related to the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension are listed.

  3. Click Turn Feature Class in the Search window.
  4. Click Turn Table To Turn Feature Class.

    The Turn Table To Turn Feature Class dialog box opens.

  5. This dialog box requires the turn table (.dbf file or INFO table), the line shapefile, and a name for the output turn feature class. A turn feature class will be output in the same shapefile workspace as the line shapefile.

  6. Specify the parameters on the tool's dialog box.
  7. Click OK.

    The DBF turn table is migrated to a turn feature class.

  8. Navigate to the shapefile where you stored the output file.
    • If you are in ArcMap, use the Catalog window to navigate to the files.
    • If you are in ArcCatalog, use the Catalog Tree.
  9. Right-click the shapefile and click New Network Dataset.
  10. Use the New Network Dataset wizard to define and build the network.

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