Choosing when metadata is updated automatically

By default, when you view metadata it is automatically updated; metadata is created if it doesn't already exist. This process is known as metadata synchronization. If you want more control over when metadata is created and updated, you can choose not to have synchronization occur when metadata is viewed. Metadata will still be automatically updated before it is validated or exported and after it is imported.

  1. Open the Options dialog box for your ArcGIS Desktop application.
    • In ArcMap, click Customize > ArcMap Options.
    • In ArcCatalog, click Customize > ArcCatalog Options.
    • In ArcGlobe, click Customize > ArcGlobe Options.
    • In ArcScene, click Customize > ArcScene Options.

    The Options dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Metadata tab.
  3. Choose when metadata is automatically created and updated.
    • Check occur when metadata is viewed to synchronize metadata when you look at it in the Description tab.
    • Uncheck occur when metadata is viewed so metadata will not be synchronized when you look at it in the Description tab.

    Choose whether metadata will be updated automatically when you view it or not.

  4. Click OK.

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