Offsetting line labels from a line

  1. Click the Label Manager button Label Manager on the Labeling toolbar.
  2. Check the check box next to the layer you want to label.
  3. Choose a label class under the layer.
  4. Click the Properties button.
  5. Click the Label Position tab.
  6. Optionally, check the May place label horizontal at secondary offset check box.
  7. Click Label Offset.
  8. Type a distance to offset the labels from the lines.
  9. This distance is measured in map units or in page units (millimeters, inches, or points).

  10. Click the Units drop-down arrow and choose the units that you want to measure the offset.
  11. Click the Constrain Offset drop-down arrow and click an offset constraint.
  12. Optionally, check the Measure offset from feature geometry check box.
  13. Optionally, type a minimum and maximum value for the secondary offset value. The units used are the same as for the primary offset.
  14. Click OK to close all dialog boxes.
You can also open the Placement Properties dialog box by clicking the Placement Properties button on the Labels tab of the Layer Properties dialog box for the layer you want to label.
The Offset From Line parameters apply only to the label positions: Offset Horizontal, Offset Straight, Offset Curved, and Offset Perpendicular.

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