Managing toolsets

A toolset is a way to organize tools within a toolbox. You can create toolsets within toolboxes or toolsets. For example, you may have a set of conversion toolsets inside a toolbox, such as a Raster Conversion toolset and a Feature Conversion toolset. The tools inside the Raster Conversion toolset might be further organized into a Raster to Feature toolset and a Feature to Raster toolset.


Tool names must be unique within a toolbox, regardless of what toolset the tool is in. You cannot use a toolset to uniquely name a tool like you can with system folders.

Creating a toolset

To create a toolset, right-click the toolbox or toolset and click New > Toolset.


Empty toolsets (those without tools) are deleted from a toolbox when you close ArcMap or ArcCatalog.

Renaming a toolset

Toolsets you create can be renamed. Right-click the toolset and click Rename. Renaming a toolset has no effect on how a tool is located by geoprocessing.

Deleting a toolset

Right-click the toolbox and click Delete, or press the DELETE key. All tools belonging to the toolset are deleted as well.

Copying a toolset

You cannot copy a toolset into another toolbox. You have to create a new toolset and then add tools.

Toolset and tool display order

Toolsets and tools are always displayed alphabetically. You cannot change this alphabetical ordering.

If there is some implied order to using tools within a toolbox or toolset, such as "use this tool first, then this tool," you should consider creating models, since models are the way you create and use a sequence of tools.

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Published 6/7/2010