Altering geodatabase permissions

A user's ArcSDE geodatabase for SQL Server Express permissions are altered by assigning the user to one of four roles: None, Read Only, Read/Write, or Admin.

A server administrator or a user who has administrator permission in that geodatabase can open the Permissions dialog box from the context menu of a geodatabase that is accessed from the database server node in ArcCatalog and assign or remove a user from one of these four roles.

When permissions are granted using geodatabase roles, the permissions they confer apply to all objects in the geodatabase. For example, if a user is added to the Read/Write role on a geodatabase, that user will have read/write access to all data in that geodatabase.

If you choose a user from the list who is a database server administrator, a message appears indicating the user has higher-level permissions and all role options are deactivated. This is because administrators already have these as well as additional permissions on the geodatabase and, therefore, should not be added to one of the roles on this dialog box.
  1. Connect to the database server in the Catalog window.
  2. Right-click the geodatabase for which you want to grant user permissions.
  3. Click Administration and click Permissions.
  4. Choose the desired user or group from the list on the Permissions dialog box.
  5. Click the appropriate role and click Apply.

    For example, if you want to grant a user read-only permissions to the geodatabase, click Read Only.

    This user can now view all data in the geodatabase, but not edit it or create new data.