AOI tab

The area of interest (AOI) is the geographic extent of a job. This helps to confine the unit of work to a geographic area. It also helps managers and users track where edits are in progress to avoid conflicts and prioritize and coordinate activities among many users and user groups. The AOIs for all jobs are stored in a special feature class in the database that is maintained by Workflow Manager.

Area of Interest Tab


This functionality is controlled through privileges. If you are unable to interact with this tab, consult with your Workflow Manager administrator.

The AOI tab provides many tools to assist in defining the area of interest for a job:


Layers that are marked as selectable in the AOI basemap for the job type will appear in the Selectable Layer drop-down list.


When using the selection tools to select features from a point or polygon layer, you will be prompted to buffer the features to create the AOI. The following units are supported for defining the buffer distance: inches, feet, yards, miles, nautical miles, millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters, kilometers, and decimal degrees. These units can only be changed when using projected coordinate system projections.

Published 6/7/2010