How to add maps using the Workflow Manager Administrator

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The maps that are used by your jobs can be stored in the Workflow Manager repository through the Administrator application.

  1. Open Workflow Manager Administrator and connect to your Workflow Manager database.

    There is already a preconfigured map.

  2. Choose the Maps folder.

    If maps already exist, they appear in the list to the right.

  3. Right-click the Maps folder and click Add a Map.

    The Workflow Manager Map dialog box appears.

  4. Specify the properties of the map—name, description, and category.
  5. Specify how the map will be stored in Workflow Manager.
    • Choose Linked to keep it on a file system.

      Workflow Manager stores the path location of this map document. This is a good option if database space is an issue.

    • Choose Embedded to import the map into the database.
  6. Use the browse button by the file to navigate to the desired map document.

    The Browse dialog box appears.

  7. Select the file and click Open.
  8. Click OK on the Workflow Manager Map dialog box.

    The map is added to the Workflow Manager system and is ready to be used.

  9. Adding Maps

Published 6/7/2010