This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

Maps in ArcGIS Workflow Manager

In this version of Workflow Manager, you have the ability to store maps and associate these maps with job types. An advantage of storing these maps in the Workflow Manager system is that they can be reused across numerous job types without making duplicates. Workflow Manager allows you to establish links between the job types and the map documents to determine what map to present to the end user. There are two maps that usually relate to a job type—Job Type Template and AOI Map template. Maps are also used on the Map view tab in the Workflow Manager Client application. This can be configured through the system settings.

The Job Type Template is the map that is loaded when you are in an ArcMap session launched from Workflow Manager. These map templates can be loaded into the ArcMap session during the life cycle of the job, providing the editor/user with exactly the data needed to carry out tasks. For example, if you are doing updates to a transportation system, the data may be street and rail feature classes symbolized in an appropriate fashion.

The AOI Map template is the map that is presented to your users when they are defining jobs spatially or defining an area of interest (AOI) for a job. When defining an area of interest, it is important to have background layers that are applicable to the area you are working in. For example, if you are doing work based on a certain set of features, you should have those features defined as your backdrop for AOI definition.

The maps are authored using ArcMap and can have the following:

In ArcMap, there are layer configuration tools located on the Workflow Manager (Administrator) toolbar. If you choose to upload your basemaps from ArcMap, make sure the Workflow Manager extension has been enabled.

Add Data Add Data—Adds data from the selected geodatabase

Retrieve A Map From Workflow Manager Download Job Type Map Template—Loads into ArcMap the currently selected MXD

Store Map Document In Workflow Manager Load Job Type Map—Stores the current MXD in the Workflow Manager repository

Link Maps To Job Types—Links a selected map with a job type

Be careful storing map documents when the current document is job enabled. ArcMap sessions launched from the Workflow Manager application should not be stored as basemaps for the job type.

Published 6/7/2010