Holds tab

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The Holds tab allows you to suspend the job for an indefinite amount of time. Holds are categorized by hold type, which are configured by the Workflow Manager administrator. Examples of reasons to hold a job could include the following:

Along with the hold type, the job hold stores the following information:

Holds can be beneficial in many ways, from job control to accountability and reporting. Two specific benefits are these:

Holds Tab

This functionality is controlled through privileges. If you are unable to interact with the holds, consult with your Workflow Manager administrator.

Clicking the Holds tab when a job is selected in the job list shows something similar to the figure above. The option buttons on the right-hand side allow you to select which subset of holds are currently in view. These are the options:

  • All—All holds ever to be put on this job
  • Active—Only the holds that are currently restricting the job
  • Inactive—Only the holds that have been released

While looking at the holds in the main table, the Active field will show whether the hold is currently restricting the job.

Using the Holds tab

Putting a hold on a job

You can put a hold on a job to prevent actions like executing workflows or updating properties. This is necessary when tracking reasons why a job took longer than expected for better auditing.

  1. Choose a job and click the Holds tab.
  2. Click Add in the side panel.
  3. Create Hold dialog box
  4. Choose the hold type from the Hold Type list.
  5. Enter a comment or reason for the hold being placed.
  6. Click OK.

Viewing a job hold

You can view the details of a job hold through the Holds tab.

  1. Choose the hold in the list.
  2. Click View in the side panel.

    The Job Hold Viewer dialog box appears.

    Job Hold Viewer dialog box

Releasing a hold

When a hold is active on a job, it prevents the assigned user from executing workflow steps and updating properties associated with the job. If the reason for the hold is no longer valid, you can release the hold on the job so that work can resume.

  1. Choose the hold from the list.
  2. Click Release from the side panel.
  3. Release Hold dialog box
  4. Enter a comment or reason for releasing.
  5. Click OK.

Published 6/7/2010