Imported Job Queries: Qualifying Table Names

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The quick start configuration included with JTX contains a set of Job Queries that can be used to filter jobs in the main application. By default, these queries do not fully qualify the table names. This means that the default queries may be invalid if you are connecting as a user other than the owner of the JTX system tables. If this is the case, each of the tables and fields in the query needs to be referenced by its fully qualified name.

How to qualify table names in job queries

To fully qualify the table names, you need to run a sql script on your rdbms. To do this, run the applicable query application (query analyzer, sql plus), log in as the JTX system tables owner and run the following script:

update JTX_JOB_QUERIES set TABLES = replace(TABLES, 'jtx_', '<prefix>.jtx_');
update JTX_JOB_QUERIES set FIELDNAMES = replace(FIELDNAMES, 'jtx_', '<prefix>.jtx_');
update JTX_JOB_QUERIES set WHERECLAUSE = replace(WHERECLAUSE, 'jtx_', '<prefix>.jtx_');
update JTX_JOB_QUERIES set ORDER_BY = replace(ORDER_BY, 'jtx_', '<prefix>.jtx_');



is what precedes each of the system tables in your workspace. For example, if a SQL Server workspace has a table such as




would be replaced by


Published 6/7/2010