Naming schemes

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

Naming Schemes allow administrators to configure exactly how certain elements in WMX are named and put dynamic properties into these names. The elements that support naming schemes are

  1. Job MXDs
  2. Geodatabase versions
  3. Jobs

The naming schemes are a combination of fixed text and tokens. These can be combined to produce a highly informative name of the elements they are naming.

How to configure Job Types naming schemes

  1. Open the Administrator and connect to your Workflow Manager database
  2. In the Workflow Manager Administrator, navigate to the JobTypes folder under Job Components.
  3. Right-click the folder and click Add Job Type.

    The Job Type Properties dialog box appears.

  4. Navigate to the Naming tab on the Job Type dialog box, you will see the naming scheme entries as follows:
    Naming Schemes
    Enter naming schemes for your job types so you can quickly decipher what type of work a job is associated with.
  5. Use tokens to supplement the naming, [JOB:ID] and [SYS:CUR_DATE]. An example output of these would be

    Job Name—WO_PARCELS_1567_05/01/2008

    Job Version Name—PARCELS_1567

    Job MXD Name—WO_DOC_PARCELS_1567

  6. Specify the names for the Extended Properties tab and Related Properties tab as it will appear in the client application and click OK.

For a full explanation and listing of tokens, see tokens topic.

Published 6/7/2010