Extended properties

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

Extended properties are used to allow each individual organization to store different business-specific properties dependent on their needs. These properties are configured by job type because it is likely that different types of work will have different properties associated with them.

Workflow Manager allows the configuration of 1–1 relationships (extended properties) and 1–M relationships (linked/related properties).

Before you begin, make sure you have added the extended properties tables to your Workflow Manager repository.

Once the relationship is configured, your Workflow Manager system is now ready to be configured to use these properties. Within the Job Type dialog box in Workflow Manager Administrator, navigate to the Extended Properties tab. At this point, you should see the tables you created relationships for in the list on the left.

The top-level elements in the tree view on the left-hand side represent the tables related to the JTX_JOBS table. The elements in the level below these tables represent each of the fields in the table. By checking the box next to these fields, you are making that field visible from within Workflow Manager for that job type.

As you click through the fields and the tables, information about the currently selected node will appear in the right-hand panel. When a table is selected, a list of the fields currently configured for the job type will appear. You have the ability to set the order the fields will appear to your users when viewing the extended table properties.

Extended Properties Table
Choose the order the fields in this table appear to the user in the Workflow Manager client application.

When you click on a field element, the following information is available:

Field Properties
Configure how the user will be able to interact with the extended properties in the Workflow Manager client application.

Once all the properties have been configured to your needs, click OK and the property configuration is saved. This needs to be done for each job type independently.

Published 6/7/2010