Adding hold types

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

Hold types are a way to categorize job holds. Each hold type is a potential reason for a restriction to be put on a job for an unspecified amount of time. When a hold is put on a job, it is tagged with its hold type. When somebody goes to look at the holds on a job (both active and inactive), they can categorize them into type before specifically looking at the detailed reason.

Hold types have the following information:

  1. Open the Administrator and connect to your Workflow Manager database.
  2. In the Workflow Manager Administrator, navigate to the Hold Types folder under Job Components.

    The list should show all the currently configured hold types. If no hold types exist, the list will be blank.

  3. Right-click the folder and click Add Hold Type.

    The Hold Type Properties dialog box appears.

  4. Enter the basic hold type information, Name and Description
  5. Click OK to save changes and close the dialog box.
  6. Only the description can be modified once a hold type is created.

Published 6/7/2010