Job Properties tab

The Job Properties tab contains many attributes of the job that may be manipulated such as job name, assignment, start and due dates, priority, status, and description.

The Job Properties tab is displayed by default when Workflow Manager is launched and a job is selected.

Job Properties tab

There are some static properties on the Job Properties tab. These include the job ID, when and who created it, and the job type. These properties are not editable after the job is created.


The ability to modify information on the Properties tab is controlled by privileges. If you are unable to edit the properties, consult with a Workflow Manager administrator.

Modifying job properties

Modifying ownership properties

The Ownership tab lists Job Owner, Job Name, Priority, Parent Job, and Job Assignment. These are all editable properties.

  1. Select a job owner from the Job Owner drop-down list.
  2. Type a name in the Job Name cell to modify the job name as it's shown in the main application.
  3. Choose a priority from the Priority drop-down list.
  4. Click the Parent Job button to specify a parent job.
  5. Click the By Job ID option and enter a job ID or click the From Job List option to choose a parent job from a list of all jobs.
    Parent Jobs
  6. Assign the job to a user or a group by choosing either the User or Group option and selecting the value from the drop-down list.
    Job Assignment
  7. Click the Save button Save to store the job changes.

Modifying date properties

The Dates tab lists the dates associated with the job like start date, due date, started and ended date. These are all editable properties.

  1. Choose to set a start date or due date for the job by checking either the Start Date or Due Date check box.
  2. Use the date controls to set the date.
  3. Click the Save button Save to store the changes to the job.

Modifying data workspace properties

The Data Workspace tab lists the data workspace that spatial data for the job will be retrieved from. These are all editable properties.

  1. Click the Browse button (...) next to the Data Workspace text box to display a list of data workspaces configured in the system.
  2. Choose the workspace from the list on the Select Workspace dialog box and click OK.

    Note that the parent version designated for this geodatabase is automatically displayed.

  3. Click the Save button Save.
    Data Workspace
  4. To create a new version for this job, click the browse button (...) next to the Version text box.

    The Manage Version dialog box appears.

  5. You can choose an existing version or create a new one.
  6. Once you have selected a version, click the Save button Save.

Modifying the job description

The Description tab displays the description of the job. This information can be modified to provide more information about the job.

  1. Click the Description tab.
  2. Type a description in the Description text box.
  3. Click the Save button Save on the Workflow Manager toolbar to apply the changes to the job properties.

Published 6/7/2010