Using supported GML application schemas

The Data Interoperability extension for ArcGIS includes support for a number of existing GML application schemas such as the UK Ordnance Survey MasterMap GML and the Netherlands TOP10 GML. The process to enable the use of these formats is simple if they already exist in your Data Interoperability formats gallery. Here are the steps:


  1. Enable the Data Interoperability Extension. Click Extensions on the Tools menu and ensure that you have checked Data Interoperability.
    Enabling the Data Interoperability Extension
  2. In ArcCatalog, add a new interoperability connection by double-clicking Add interoperability connection:
  3. Click the Button button for Format to open the Formats Gallery.
  4. Select the desired GML application schema from the list of formats. Here are some GML examples that are included in the Data Interoperability extension:
    • UK Ordnance Survey MasterMap GML
      Adding the Ordnance Survey MasterMap GML application schema to ArcGIS
    • The Dutch TOP10 GML for the Netherlands
      Adding the Dutch TOP10 GML schema
    • The series of British Columbia GML schemas
      The set of GML schemas used by British Columbia
    • The GML simple features specification
      Selecting the OGC simple features GML profile