Fundamentals for modifying graphs

You can control most visual aspects of the graph to create an effective display of your data. For example, you can choose the field you want to use, add titles, label axes, and change the color of graph markers (such as the bars in a bar graph).

The general appearance and data used by a graph can be changed by accessing the Properties dialog box. More detailed control over the appearance of the graph is available from the Advanced Properties dialog box.

To change the general properties of a graph, right-click on the graph and click Properties.

Modifying graph properties

To change the advanced properties, right-click on the graph and click Advanced Properties. You can also right-click on the graph you want to change in Graph Manager and click Properties or Advanced Properties.

If the graph type is changed on the Properties dialog box, the data source will stay the same, but the field will need to be set again.

Published 6/7/2010