Adding a function line to a graph

Function lines are useful in that they add visual information to a graph. The function may indicate something descriptive or statistical, or it may indicate a trend in the data being graphed. But it should be noted that function lines may not be meaningful on some types of graphs. A pie graph with a trend function, for example, would not be logical.

  1. Right-click the graph window and click Properties.
  2. Click the Series tab.
  3. Click the Add drop-down arrow and click New Function.
    Add function
  4. Click the Function type drop-down arrow and choose the function to display.
    Function Types
  5. Click the Data source (series) drop-down arrow and choose the series the function should be applied to.
    Function data source
  6. An entry for the function is automatically added to the legend. If you do not want it to appear there, uncheck Add graph to legend.
  7. With the Line properties controls, you can change width, style, and color of the function line.
  8. Click Apply to preview or OK when done.

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Published 6/7/2010