Creating a prediction map using ordinary kriging with a data transformation

  1. Click the Geostatistical Analyst Wizard button Geostatistical Wizard on the Geostatistical Analyst toolbar.
  2. Select Kriging/CoKriging and choose a dataset and attribute field, then click Next.
  3. Choose Ordinary kriging and set the Transformation type to the desired transformation, then click Next.
  4. Specify the desired parameters on the Semivariogram/Covariance Modeling dialog box and click Next.
  5. Specify the desired parameters on the Searching Neighborhood dialog box and click Next.
  6. Examine the results on the Cross Validation dialog box and click Finish.
  7. Click OK on the Methods Report dialog box.

Use Explore Data tools to make decisions on transformations, detrending, and the effect of unusual observations on covariance/semivariogram models. Confirm your decisions using validation and cross-validation.

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