Altering the search neighborhood by changing its size and shape

The neighborhood search size defines the neighborhood shape and the constraints of the points within the neighborhood that will be used in the prediction of an unmeasured location.

You set the neighborhood parameters by looking for the locations of the points in the data view window and using prior knowledge gained in ESDA and semivariogram/covariance modeling.

Use the steps below as a guide to changing the search neighborhood for any of the interpolation methods offered in Geostatistical Wizard (except for global polynomial interpolation).

  1. Sector type is used to alter the type of searching neighborhood by choosing from a predefined list.
  2. Type an Angle value between 0 and 360 degrees or choose from the drop-down list. This is the orientation of the major semiaxis, measured in degrees from north.
  3. The Major semiaxis and Minor semiaxis parameters are used to alter the shape of the ellipse.

    The desired shape appears in the display window once these values are entered.

    Search neighborhood size and shape

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