An overview of the Working With Geostatistical Layers toolset

This toolset contains tools used to create, modify, export, and manipulate the properties of a geostatistical layer.



Calculate Z Value

Uses the interpolation model in a geostatistical layer to predict a value at a single location.

Create Geostatistical Layer

Creates a new geostatistical layer. An existing geostatistical layer or geostatistical model is required to populate the initial values for the new layer. The input to this tool can be created using the Geostatistical Wizard.

GA Layer To Contour

Creates a feature class of coutours from a geostatiscal analysis layer. The output feature class can be either a line feature class of contour lines or a polygon feature class of filled contours.

GA Layer To Grid

Exports a Geostatistical layer to a raster.

GA Layer To Points

Exports a geostatistical layer to points. The tool can also be used to predict values at unmeasured locations or to validate predictions made at measured locations.

Get Model Parameter

Gets model parameter value from an existing geostatistical model source.

Set Model Parameter

Sets parameter values in an existing geostatistical model source.

Tools in the Working With Geostatistical Layers toolset

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