Renaming model parameters

Renaming model elements is an effective way to make a model workflow more clear and easily understood. Giving a model element a name that is easily understood in the context of the specific workflow is important for both the model creator (to remember how the model was built) and the model user (to be able to follow the model workflow). Renaming is especially important for model parameters, since the name of the variable is displayed on the model tool dialog box.

To rename a model element, select the element, right-click, choose Rename, then type in the new name.

In the following example, the name of a variable is Clip Features. Because this variable is a model parameter, the parameter is also displayed in the model tool dialog box and labeled with the name of the variable. Renaming this variable to Study Area or Area of Interest instead of the default Clip Features might make the parameter more meaningful to the model user.

Renaming variables in a model

While renaming is especially valuable for model variables, renaming tool elements can also improve model clarity.


If a variable used for inline variable substitution is renamed, any parameter referencing that variable must also be updated with the new name.

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