Guide to related geoprocessing with server topics

Building and publishing geoprocessing services requires that you understand some advanced geoprocessing capabilities that you may not have encountered with day-to-day use of geoprocessing in ArcGIS Desktop. The sections below contain guides to topics that explain such capabilities.

Using geoprocessing services in ArcGIS Desktop



Using ArcGIS Server tools

How to use geoprocessing services and tasks in ArcGIS Desktop

Using the Results window

You execute a geoprocessing service just like any other tool. The service executes on the server, and you can track its progress in the Results window.

Using the interactive feature and record input controls

Many geoprocessing services allow you to interactively create features and rows of data as input using the interactive feature and record input controls. This topic shows you how to use these controls.

Using geoprocessing tasks in Python scripts

You can also access geoprocessing services from a script. This topic summarizes how to use services with Python scripts.

Topics for users of geoprocessing services

Feature and Record sets



A quick tour of using Feature Set and Record Set

Your starting point to learn about creating feature and record set variables.

Defining symbology for input feature sets

The schema of a feature set includes information on how to symbolize features the user digitizes. Since the client application is responsible for drawing these features, you can only use simple symbology available on the client. This topic gives you the details on what symbology is allowed.

Using the interactive feature and record input controls

Describes how to use Feature and Record Sets in a tool dialog box. In addition, it shows how to access the newly created features and records in the tool result found in the Results tab of the ArcToolbox window.

Topics about using feature and record sets

Symbolizing output data



A quick tour of ArcMap

If you are unfamiliar with ArcMap and how layers are displayed, start here.

Defining output symbology for geoprocessing tasks

This topic describes how to set symbology for output data.

A quick tour of setting output data symbology

Your starting point to learn about setting output symbology for model variables.

Displaying model data

This is another ModelBuilder topic about automatically adding output data from tools to the ArcMap table of contents.

Topics about symbolizing output data

Scratch workspace environment



What is a geoprocessing environment?

Your starting point to learn about geoprocessing environments and how they are used.

Environment levels and hierarchy

Describes the three levels of environment settingsā€”application, tool, and process.

A quick tour of managing Intermediate Data

Your starting point to learn about intermediate data in models.

Using the In_memory Workspace

You may want to consider writing intermediate data to memory instead of disk.

Making Intermediate Data Managed Data

This is a ModelBuilder topic that defines managed data and describes how to use it.

Managing intermediate data in shared models

This topic goes into details about how to manage intermediate and scratch data in tools you share with others.

Topics about the scratch workspace environment

Variable substitution

You can substitute the contents of a model variable by using percent signs (%). This technique is demonstrated in GP Service example: Stream network and GP Service example: Selecting Data.



A quick tour of using InLine Variable Substitution

Describes the basics of variable substitution.

Topics about variable substitution

Tool layers

Tool layers are how you create geoprocessing tasks in a map document for publishing.



A quick tour of tool layers

Your starting point to learn about tool layers.

Preparing map documents containing tool layers

This topic shows you how to create tool layers for publishing map documents.

Topics about tool layers

Creating and using script tools



What is Python?

Python is the preferred scripting language for geoprocessing. This is your starting point to learn about Python and how to access geoprocessing using Python.

What is ArcPy?

ArcPy is the Python site-package you use to access geoprocessing. This is your starting point to the ArcPy technical reference material.

A quick tour of creating script tools

Your starting point to learn about creating script tools.

Topics about creating and using script tools

ArcGIS Server topics



What is ArcGIS Server?

This is your entry point into the ArcGIS Server help module.

Topics about ArcGIS Server