A quick tour of setting up a geodatabase in SQL Server

Creation of a geodatabase in a Microsoft SQL Server database is summarized in the following steps:

  1. Install and configure the SQL Server instance. Be sure to install the Full-Text Search component.
  2. Make sure the SQL Server instance can accept connections from remote clients.
  3. Use the installation executable to install ArcSDE for SQL Server.
  4. Use the Post Installation wizard to create a database on the SQL Server instance, set up the ArcSDE administrative user and its schema, and authorize the geodatabase with an ArcGIS Server Enterprise license.
  5. If you will be using an ArcSDE service at your site, you can use the Post Installation wizard to create and start the service.
  6. Add users to the SQL Server instance, add them to the database that contains the geodatabase, and grant them specific permissions either individually or through roles.
  7. Create matching schemas in the database for any users who will own data. The schema name must be the same as the user name and be set as the user's default schema.