Altering the dbtune file before creating the geodatabase

The dbtune configuration file provides the initial values for the DBTUNE table.

Therefore, altering the values in the dbtune configuration file before creating the geodatabase allows you to populate the DBTUNE table with the values you specify in the file.

Some reasons you would alter the dbtune file before creating the geodatabase include the following:

The following steps explain how you alter the contents of the dbtune.sde file to change configuration keywords, parameters, and values prior to creating the geodatabase.

  1. After installing the ArcSDE component of the ArcGIS Server Enterprise level but before performing the postinstallation setup, navigate to the etc directory in the ArcSDE installation location.

    If installing on a Windows server, do not proceed with the Post Installation wizard after the component installation is complete. You can launch the Post Installation wizard after you alter the dbtune file.

  2. Make a backup copy of the default dbtune file. If you later decide to change any of the parameter values back to the default settings, you can use this backup file for reference.
  3. Open the dbtune file with a text editor.
  4. Edit the configuration parameter strings you want to change. For example, uncomment and specify tablespace locations or alter index fill factors.
  5. Add any custom configuration keywords you want to use and their associated parameters and values.
  6. Save changes and close the text editor.
  7. If you are creating the geodatabase on a Windows server, be sure to specify your custom dbtune.sde file when running the Post Installation wizard.