Pausing an ArcSDE service using sdemon

Use the sdemon command with the pause operation to pause a remote ArcSDE service from a UNIX, Linux, or Windows server or a local ArcSDE service on UNIX or Linux.

sdemon –o pause {[–i <service> | <port#>] [–s <server_name>] | [–H <sde_directory>]}
[–p <ArcSDE_admin_password>]

Contents in brackets ( [ ] ) are optional. See the sdemon command in the ArcSDE Administration Command reference for more information.

When the service is paused, current application connections continue but additional application requests to connect are denied. This allows current users to complete their work before the service shuts down. New connection attempts made after the service is paused will receive the following error message:

Failed to connect to database. SDE not accepting connection requests

If you were to check the status of a paused service, the connection mode would appear as Paused/Block Connections.


Windows users must have power user or administrator group permissions to pause, resume, or shut down a local or remote ArcSDE service.

  1. At an MS-DOS command prompt (Windows) or shell prompt (UNIX/Linux), type the sdemon command with the pause operation.
    sdemon –o pause –p nevermind –s squirrel –i 6543 
    ArcSDE I/O Manager is paused, no further connections will be allowed

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