Stopping a remote ArcSDE service

Use the sdemon command with the shutdown operation to stop a service on a remote UNIX or Windows computer.

There are different reasons for stopping the ArcSDE service, such as if the giomgr process stalls or if you change an environment variable and need to stop then restart the service for the variable to take effect.

Stopping the ArcSDE service relinquishes all of its processes and operating system resources. You can stop an ArcSDE service if no server tasks are running. If server tasks are running, you must remove the running tasks before the service will shut down. See Removing an ArcSDE service connection from the geodatabase for information on ending user processes.

While the service is stopped, no additional connections can be made to the geodatabase using the service.

Clients that attempt to connect using an ArcSDE service while the service is stopped receive the following error message:

Failed to connect to the specified server.
SDE not running on server

Windows users must have power user or administrator group permissions to pause, resume, or shut down a local or remote ArcSDE service.

  1. At an MS-DOS command prompt (Windows) or shell prompt (UNIX or Linux), type the sdemon command using the shutdown operation. Specify the port number of the remote service and server name. You will be prompted to provide the password of the ArcSDE administrator user.
    sdemon –o shutdown  –i 4300 –s our_server
    Please enter ArcSDE DBA password:
    ArcSDE Instance 4300 on our_server is Shutdown!
  2. Type the sdemon command with the status operation to confirm the ArcSDE service has been stopped.
    sdemon –o status –i 4300 –s our_server
    ArcSDE instance 4300 is not available on our_server.

    Any user can run the sdemon status operation, so a password is not necessary.