Other methods for moving a geodatabase in Informix

You can move the entire Informix database using either backup and restore or the Informix dbexport and dbimport utilities.

Restore backup of another database

The easiest way to move a geodatabase stored in an Informix DBMS and ensure you get all the necessary database objects transferred is to make a full backup of the database you want to transfer and restore it to your destination server.

dbexport and dbimport utilities

If you need to copy an entire database, Informix provides the dbexport and dbimport utilities. These unload an entire database, including its schema, and re-create the database.

These utilities move the entire database. If you want to move selected tables or selected columns of a table, you must use different utilities.

See the IBM Informix documentation for instructions on using backup and restore or the dbexport and dbimport utilities.