Uninstalling ArcSDE from Linux or UNIX

Uninstalling an existing version of ArcSDE consists of stopping the ArcSDE service (if one is running) and removing the ArcSDE files from the server.

If you are uninstalling ArcSDE in preparation for upgrading the geodatabase, you would already have stopped the ArcSDE service when you performed the steps in Preparing to upgrade a geodatabase in Informix.

The following steps stop the service and remove the ArcSDE files from disk. The geodatabase system tables, stored procedures, and user data are still in your database.

  1. Stop the ArcSDE service if one is running.
    sdemon –o shutdown –i <service> –p <admin_user_password>
  2. Use an operating system command to remove ArcSDE.
    rm -r $SDEHOME
  3. You may also want to delete the service entry (if one exists) from the /etc/services file.