Recovery models for Informix

IBM Informix Dynamic Server provides two utilities for backing up and restoring database server data: ON-Bar and ontape. Both utilities can be used to restore database management system (DBMS) storage spaces (dbspaces, sbspaces, blobspaces) and Logical-Log files from an existing backup created by that same utility.

To learn more about capabilities and usage of the ON-Bar and ontape utilities, see the IBM Informix Backup and Restore Guide.

IBM Informix Backup and Restore Guide, Version 11.10:

IBM Informix Backup and Restore Guide, Version 11.50:

You must restore DBMS data in two operations. The first operation is a physical restoration and the second, which must follow the first, is a logical restoration. Once the Informix DBMS storage spaces and Logical-Log files have been restored, if necessary, restore the ArcSDE installation from the ArcGIS Server installation media and the dbtune.sde, giomgr.defs, dbinit.sde, and services.sde files from your backup tapes.

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