Making an ArcSDE service connection from ArcGIS Desktop to a geodatabase in Informix

You can use an ArcSDE service to connect from ArcGIS Desktop to your ArcSDE geodatabase. Provided you already have an ArcSDE service running, do the following to make an ArcSDE service connection to your geodatabase from ArcGIS Desktop.

  1. Start ArcMap, open the Catalog window, then double-click the Database Connections folder in the Catalog tree.
  2. Double-click Add Spatial Database Connection.

    This opens the Spatial Database Connection dialog box.

  3. In the Server text box, type the name of the server on which the Informix database resides.
  4. Type the name or port number of the service to which you want to connect in the Service text box. (If using the name, there must be an entry for the service in the client's operating system services file.)
  5. For the database name, type the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) data source name for the database to which you want to connect. (This name was used when you set up the Informix client.)
  6. If using database authentication, type your user name and password.
  7. Uncheck Save username and password if you do not want your login information saved with the connection.
  8. If using operating system authentication, click the Operating system authentication button.
    The database authentication information becomes unavailable.
  9. Click Test Connection.

    If the test is successful, the button becomes unavailable. If the test fails, you cannot access data in the geodatabase until you provide the correct information or the database problem has been resolved.

  10. Click OK.
  11. Type a new name for the spatial database connection.
  12. Press ENTER.

If there is an existing connection to an ArcSDE geodatabase in the ArcMap or ArcCatalog instance, any subsequent connections matching the original server, instance, and authentication mode properties will use the original connection properties. This means that if you connect to the same ArcSDE geodatabase with a connection file that does not save user name and password or version, and there is already a connection to the same ArcSDE geodatabase server and instance that does save the user name and password or version, you will not be prompted to fill in the missing properties; the properties from the original connection with the saved login or version properties will be used.

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