Altering SERVER_CONFIG parameters before the geodatabase is created

The giomgr.defs file in the etc directory of SDEHOME contains the data for populating the SERVER_CONFIG table (sde_server_config in SQL Server and PostgreSQL). The file is read when the SERVER_CONFIG repository table is created, which happens when you create an ArcSDE geodatabase.

If you change values in the giomgr.defs file before you create your ArcSDE geodatabase, the SERVER_CONFIG table will be populated with the values you specify in the giomgr.defs file.

  1. Make a backup copy of the default giomgr.defs file.

    For example, you could copy the default file to a new file named giomgr.defsbu. If you later decide to change any of the parameter values back to the default settings, you can use this backup file for reference.

  2. Open the giomgr.defs file with a text editor.
  3. Edit the initialization parameter values you want to change.
  4. Save the altered giomgr.defs file to the etc directory of SDEHOME.

    When you create your geodatabase, the values from this file will be used to populate the SERVER_CONFIG table.