Setting up multiple ArcSDE services on one Linux or UNIX server

If you have two separate geodatabases on the same server and are using an ArcSDE service, you must have separate ArcSDE services with unique service names and a separate port number in the services files.

  1. Make a copy of your dbinit.sde file, giving it a new name. This name must include the name of the new ArcSDE service. For example, if the new service will be sdeservice2, name the dbinit file dbinit_sdeservice2.sde.
  2. If you want to specify different geodatabase storage information for the second geodatabase, make copies of your giomgr.defs and dbtune.sde files, giving them different names. For example, you could name them giomgr2.defs and dbtune2.sde.
  3. Alter the contents of the new copies of the files to include the parameters and values with which you want your second geodatabase to be built. Based on the example given in the previous step, you would be altering giomgr2.defs and dbtune2.sde.
  4. Update the services.sde file with the new instance name, port number, and network protocol.
  5. Run the sdesetup command to create the geodatabase in the second Informix database and authenticate it using your ArcGIS Server Enterprise license file.
    sdesetup –o install –d INFORMIX –D <name_of_second_db> 
    –s <datasource> –l <license_key> –p <ArcSDE_admin_password>
  6. Start the ArcSDE service for your second database using the sdemon command.
    sdemon –o start –i <name_of_second_ArcSDE_service> –p <ArcSDE_admin_password>