A quick tour of geodatabases in IBM DB2

ArcSDE geodatabases are a collection of tables, views, and stored procedures inside a database management system (DBMS). IBM DB2 is one such DBMS in which you can store your geodatabase.

In general, ArcSDE geodatabases are implemented to behave the same way across all supported DBMSs. However, when you are administering the geodatabase, you do encounter differences. This is due to the fact that there are differences in the databases themselves; not all DBMSs use the same database objects, tools, syntax, data types, reserved keywords, terminology, or workflows. Therefore, how you interact with the database and the ArcSDE geodatabase objects in it will differ based on the DBMS you use.

Because there are differences in administration tasks and how data is stored and accessed in the database, help topics have been grouped into sections based on the DBMS. This section of the help provides information on administering an ArcSDE geodatabase in DB2. If you access a topic by way of the search, be sure you are reading the topic that applies to the DBMS you are using.

The "Geodatabases in DB2" section of the help is organized as follows: