Updating statistics on a geodatabase using the Analyze command

The Analyze command in the Catalog window is used to update statistics on datasets in the geodatabase. This command updates the statistics of business tables, feature tables, delta tables, raster tables, and historical archive tables along with the statistics on the indexes associated with those tables.

When you update the statistics for a feature dataset, statistics for all the feature classes in that feature dataset are updated. If the feature dataset contains a geometric network, the network tables are also updated.

You should update statistics before and after a compress operation, after you add or remove topology rules, and after you have finished importing, loading, or copying data into an ArcSDE geodatabase.

When you run the Analyze command, you can choose the tables for which statistics are updated. All of the tables listed are associated with the dataset you are analyzing. For example, the business table is the base table of the dataset which holds all the attribute information. For most spatial storage types, this table also contains the spatial information.

If you are using binary geometry storage in a geodatabase in Oracle or SQL Server, the spatial information is stored in a feature table. If you are analyzing a feature class that uses binary geometry storage, you can choose to update the feature table. If you are using any other type of geometry storage, this option does not apply to you and is inactive.

The raster table option is only available if you are updating statistics on a raster catalog or dataset.

Adds and deletes tables are only present on versioned datasets. The options to update the statistics on these tables are only active if you are analyzing a versioned dataset.

If your versioned dataset is also enabled for archiving, you have the option of updating statistics on the historical archive table.


There is also a geoprocessing tool you can use to analyze datasets. See Analyze for more information.

  1. Start ArcMap and open the Catalog window.
  2. Connect to the geodatabase under the Database Connections in the Catalog tree that contains the dataset on which you want to update statistics.
  3. Right-click the dataset in the Catalog tree. This can be a feature dataset, feature class, table, raster catalog, or raster dataset.
  4. Click Analyze.
  5. Check the tables for which you want statistics updated. Uncheck the tables you do not want analyzed at this time.
  6. Click OK.