Registering an ArcSDE service on UNIX or Linux

To register an ArcSDE service on a UNIX or Linux server, place the service port number and name in both the operating system services file and the services.sde file in the etc directory of $SDEHOME.

  1. Edit the $SDEHOME/etc/services.sde file.

    # ESRI ArcSDE service name and port number
    esri_sde 5151/tcp

  2. Add the same service name and port number to the operating system/etc/services file.

    nfsd 2049/udp # NFS server daemon (clts)
    nfsd 2049/tcp # NFS server daemon (cots)
    lockd 4045/udp # NFS lock daemon/manager
    lockd 4045/tcp
    esri_sde 5151/tcp # ArcSDE service

Some UNIX systems cause applications to search the Network Information Service (NIS) file rather than the local services file. If you want to have the operating system search the local services file instead, you must force it to do so. For information on how to do this, see Forcing a search of the local services file on UNIX systems.