Displaying connected sessions

To discover what users are currently connected to the geodatabase, you can use the sdemon command with the info operation and the users or users_long option.

The syntax for this is as follows:

sdemon –o info –I {users | users_long} [-q]
{[–i <service> | <port#>] [–s <server_name>] | [–H <sde_directory>]}

When you specify the users option, the sdemon –o info command returns the following information, with each returned row representing one connection:

When you specify the users_long option, the information is returned in a list per each connection. The following information is returned:

  1. Open an MS-DOS (Windows) or shell (UNIX or Linux) command prompt on a computer on which you have access to the ArcSDE administration commands.
  2. Issue the sdemon command with the info operation and users or users_long option.
    sdemon –o info –I users –i 6000 –s myserver
    S-ID   S-PID   User      Conn  Client:OS          Started
    546    68821   RJP       AS    hundehutte:Win32   Mon Oct 27 07:32:56 2008
    547    44790   PERRITA   DC    halter:Win32:XDR   Mon Oct 27 08:11:05 2008
    sdemon –o info –I users_long –i 6000 –s myserver 
    Server task ID: 546
    Server task PID: 68821
    Connection type: AppSrvr
    User name: RJP
    Client machine: hundehutte
    Client OS: Win32
    XDR: no
    Start time: Mon Oct 27 07:32:56 2008
    Server task ID: 547
    Server task PID: 44790
    Connection type: Direct
    User name: Perrita
    Client machine: halter
    Client OS: Win32
    XDR: yes
    Start time: Mon Oct 27 08:11:05 2008