Displaying ArcSDE service statistics

When troubleshooting an ArcSDE service, you might want to display statistical information about the service or about all the current user connections.

To display statistical information about the service, you first need to set up your ArcSDE geodatabase to store statistics in the PROCESS_INFORMATION table. This is done by altering a value of the PROCSTATS parameter in the SERVER_CONFIG table. See The sdeconfig command for information on altering parameters in the SERVER_CONFIG table. For a description of the PROCSTATS parameter, see The giomgr defs file and the SERVER_CONFIG system table.


Writing statistics to the PROCESS_INFORMATION table can have a negative impact on performance, so you should only alter the PROCSTATS parameter to enable this if you need the statistics for troubleshooting purposes.

Once the PROCESS_INFORMATION table is storing statistics for the tasks or sessions you want to troubleshoot, you can use the sdemon –o info command with the stats option to display the statistical information stored in the PROCESS_INFORMATION table. The output of the sdemon command with the stats option includes

For syntax for the sdemon command, see the Administration Command Reference provided with the ArcSDE component of ArcGIS Server at the Enterprise level.

  1. Open an MS-DOS (Windows) or shell (UNIX or Linux) command prompt on a computer on which you have access to the ArcSDE administration commands.
  2. Set the PROCSTATS initialization variable to a number greater than 0 using the sdeconfig administration command with the alter operation.
    sdeconfig –o alter –v PROCSTATS=4 –i 46691
  3. Connect to the geodatabase using an ArcSDE service and perform the tasks for which you want to collect statistics.
  4. At the command prompt, use the sdemon –o info –I stats command to display the statistics.
    sdemon –o info –I stats –s myserver –i 46691
    S-ID  OPS   READS    WRITES       BUFFERS     PARTIAL     F/BUF     BUF AVG    TOT Kbytes
    12566 111   1278        0           12            0        106       6K            80K