Managing multiple ArcSDE installations on the same machine

It is possible to install more than one ArcSDE service for different database management systems (DBMS) on the same server if they are all at the same release.

However, some administration commands are shared (for example, sdeservice and sdemon); therefore, to successfully run more than one ArcSDE service for different DBMSs on the same server, you must do the following:

  1. Before running the postinstallation setup, make sure the ArcSDE installation that you want to administer is the ESRI product shown first in your System path list.
  2. Make sure the SDEHOME variable in your path is set to your current ArcSDE installation location.
  3. Steps 1 and 2 apply whenever administration commands for ESRI products are run. If you do not change your system path, the administration commands for the wrong product may be run.
  4. Run the ArcSDE postinstallation setup for the chosen DBMS.

You can now manage the multiple ArcSDE services/installations by switching back and forth between ArcSDE environments using the ArcSDE administrative commands with the -H option set to the appropriate SDEHOME location.