Configuring ZPARMs to use ArcSDE with DB2 on z/OS

To enable ArcGIS to run as a distributed client to IBM DB2 on a z operating system (z/OS), the distributed data facility (DDF) must be started. To optimize the performance of ArcSDE with ArcGIS and other clients, the following DB2 ZPARM values are highly recommended.

  1. Login as the administrator on z/OS.
  2. Set the following in the DSN6FAC section of DSNTIJUZ: CMTSTAT=INACTIVE, IDTHTOIN=3600, and TCPKPALV=120.
  3. Set these parameters in the DSN6SYSP section of DSNTIJUZ: CONDBAT=10000, EXTSEC=YES, IMPDSDEF=YES, IXQTY=0, MAXDBAT=1000, TSQTY=0, XMLVALA=204800, and XMLVALS=10240.
  4. You also need to set the correct default WLM environment in WLMENV in the DSN6SPRM section of DSNTIJUZ. They are as follows: CACHEDYN=YES, EDMDBDC=102400, EDMPOOL=32000, EDMSTMTC=102400, and EDM_SKELETON_POOL=102400

    Be sure your EDM buffer is large enough to allow you to set EDMDBDC to 102400.

  5. After changing the ZPARM values above, you also need to make sure that SYSLMOD in job step DSNTIZL points to the correct dataset name so that DB2 loads the correct ZPARM module when it starts.
  6. Stop and start DB2 using the SET SYSPARM command to bring the changes online.