Reconciling a version

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

When you reconcile, the version you are editing is updated with changes from the target version. You may notice features changing as insertions, updates, and deletions of any feature or record from the target version are applied to your edit session.


Reconciling only updates the edit version so that ArcGIS can check for conflicts; it does not merge changes into the target version. Once you finish reconciling and reviewing any conflicts, you complete the merging process by posting your changes to the target version.

These instructions assume you are working in ArcMap and are connected to the version you want to reconcile with an ancestor version.


It is possible to automate the reconcile and post processes. To learn more, see Automating reconcile and post.

  1. If the Versioning toolbar is not already open, click Customize on the main menu, point to Toolbars, and click Versioning.

    You may have to scroll down the list of toolbars to see the Versioning toolbar option.

  2. Click the Reconcile button on the Versioning toolbar.
  3. Click the target version.
  4. Specify how you want conflicts defined.

    Define conflicts at this level

    To detect these cases


    A second user edits the same row or feature, or topologically related features, as you did. The conflict occurs even if you edited different attributes. This is the default.


    A second user edits the same attribute of a feature or table.

    Options for defining a conflict

  5. Specify whether to resolve all conflicts in favor of the edit version or the target version.

    If you resolve in favor of the target version, all conflicting features in the current edit session are replaced by their representations in the target version. If multiple users are editing the same version and conflicts are detected, the feature that was first saved replaces the edit session's representation. If you resolve conflicts in favor of the edit version, all conflicting features in the current edit session take precedence over conflicting representations in the target version.

  6. Click OK.

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