Rebuilding address locators in ArcCatalog

When you make edits to your geocoding reference data, either by adding or deleting features or rows or by editing the address attributes they contain, you may must rebuild your address locator if you want to geocode addresses against the current version of the reference data.


Rebuilding an address locator that was created with an ArcGIS version prior to 9.2 is not supported.

  1. Choose the locator you want to rebuild in ArcCatalog.

    Composite address locators cannot be rebuilt, but they can be maintained in a geoprocessing model. See Rebuilding address locators using geoprocessing tool to learn more about maintaining composite address locators.

  2. Right-click the locator and click Rebuild.

    If the reference data is missing and the path to the reference data is no longer valid, you must repair the locator prior to rebuilding it. A message box may appear with this information:

    The address locator needs to be repaired in order to be rebuilt.

    1. Click OK in the message box to repair the locator.

      The Address Locator Properties dialog box opens.

    2. In the Address Locator Properties dialog box, click the Browse button Browse that is next to the Reference data text box and navigate to the path of the reference data for the locator.
    3. Click OK to close the Address Locator Properties dialog box.
  3. Click OK on the Rebuild Address Locator dialog box.

    This initiates the rebuild process.

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