Geocoding a table of addresses using a geoprocessing tool

A table of addresses can be geocoded using the Geocode Addresses geoprocessing tool.

  1. Browse to the Geocoding Tools toolbox in either the Catalog window in ArcMap or ArcCatalog and double-click the Geocode Addresses tool.

    The Geocode Addresses dialog box opens.

  2. Click the Browse button Browse for the Input Table.

    The Input Table dialog box opens.

  3. Navigate to the address table you want to geocode, then click Add.
  4. Click the Browse button Browse for the Input Address Locator.

    The Input Address Locator dialog box opens.

  5. Navigate to the address locator or composite locator you want to use to geocode the address table and click Add.
  6. The input address field names and their aliases will appear in the Input Address Fields section of the Geocode Addresses dialog box.

  7. If the alias name for an input address field is <None>, click the name and select the field from the input table.
  8. Click the Browse button for the Output Feature Class.

    The Output Feature Class dialog box opens.

  9. Navigate to the folder or geodatabase where you want to store the output feature class and click Save.
  10. Specify a name and file type for the feature class in the Output Feature Class dialog box and click Save.
  11. In the next step, you will choose whether the output feature class will be dynamic. If it is not dynamic, the output feature class stores the attributes from the input table as well as the results of the geocoding process. This means that the input table is not needed afterwards—that is, you can edit and rematch the addresses directly from the output feature class. If the output feature class is dynamic, it is related to the input table. Modifying the address in the input table automatically triggers the feature in the output feature class to be regeocoded and updated.
  12. Check or uncheck the Dynamic Output Feature Class check box.
    • Unchecked—A copy of the address table is created inside the output feature class. The output feature class will not be automatically updated if changes are made to the input address table.
    • Checked—A relationship class between the input address table and output feature class is created so that edits to the addresses in the input address table are automatically updated in the output feature class. This option is supported only if the input address table and output feature class are in the same geodatabase workspace.

      This option requires an ArcEditor or ArcInfo license.

  13. Click OK.

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