Finding an address in the Find dialog box

  1. Click the Find button Find on the ArcMap Tools toolbar.

    The Find dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Locations tab.
  3. From the Choose a locator list, choose the locator that you want to use to find the address.
  4. If the locator you want does not appear in the list, click the Browse button Browse to find the locator.

  5. Type the input address in the text boxes and click Find or press ENTER to search for candidates.

    If candidates are found, candidates that meet or exceed the minimum candidate score are shown in the lower portion of the dialog box.

  6. If no good candidates are found, check the Show all candidates check box to see all the candidates the locator generated.
  7. If you want to modify the geocoding settings of the locator to find more matches, click the Options button. On the Geocoding Options dialog box that appears, edit the Minimum candidate score value and click OK.
  8. Right-click the candidate you want to match the address to and click one of the options available on the menu. For example:

    • Flash to flash the location of the candidate
    • Zoom To to show the location of the candidate in a more detailed map
    • Pan To to pan the map to the geocoded point if the location is not on the current map extent
    • Create Bookmark to set a spatial bookmark for the candidate's location
    • Add Point to add a graphic point to the map at the candidate's location

  9. Click Cancel to close the Find dialog box.
If your search returns too many or too few candidates, you can modify the geocoding settings that the address locator uses to find addresses. Modifying the geocoding settings in ArcMap does not change the default settings of the address locator; rather, the settings are only modified for your current ArcMap session.

If the address locator you selected was created in ArcGIS 9.3.1 or older, the Show Standardization button appears in the dialog box.

If your search returns no candidate or wrong candidates, you can review and edit the standardized address to improve the search. Click the Show Standardization button to open the Edit Standardization dialog box and edit the value in the standardization fields. When you make edits on the Edit Standardization dialog box, the address is searched and the list of candidates is updated automatically.

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