Output XY Domain (Environment setting)

Tools that honor the Output XY Domain environment will set the specified range to the output geodataset's x,y domain.

Geodatasets created in 9.2 (and later) geodatabases automatically calculate a valid x,y domain based on the coordinate system. This environment is only honored when creating geodatasets in a pre-9.2 geodatabase or when the output geodataset's coordinate system is Unknown.

Usage notes

Dialog syntax

Scripting syntax

arcpy.env.XYDomain = "xMin yMin xMax yMax"



"xMin yMin xMax yMax"

Specify the following values:

  • xMin—Minimum x-coordinate value
  • yMin—Minimum y- coordinate value
  • xMax—Maximum x-coordinate value
  • yMax—Maximum y-coordinate value

Setting XYDomain to an empty string will default to using the x,y domain from input data.

XYDomain syntax
import arcpy
# Set the XY Domain to 
#   xmin of -180
#   ymin of -90
#   xmax of 180
#   ymax of 90
arcpy.env.XYDomain ="-180 -90 180 90"

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