Unregister As Versioned (Data Management)


Unregisters an ArcSDE dataset as versioned.



UnregisterAsVersioned_management (in_dataset, {keep_edit}, {compress_default})
ParameterExplanationData Type

Name of the ArcSDE dataset to be unregistered as versioned.

Table View; Feature Dataset

Specifies whether edits made of the version should be maintained.

  • KEEP_EDITIf there are existing edits in the delta tables the tool will fail with an error message. Do not use this option if you intend to compress your edits from the Default version in the compress_default parameter. This is the default.
  • NO_KEEP_EDITIf there are existing edits in the delta tables the tool will allow deletion of these edits.

Determines whether edits will be compressed and unused data will be removed. This option is ignored if the KEEP_EDIT keyword is used when specifying the keep_edit parameter.

  • COMPRESS_DEFAULTEdits in the Default version are compressed to the base table. This is the default.
  • NO_COMPRESS_DEFAULTAny edits remaining in the delta tables are Edits are not compressed.

Code Sample

UnregisterAsVersioned example (stand-alone script)

The following stand-alone script demonstrates how to use the UnregisterAsVersioned tool to unregister a dataset as versioned.

# Name: UnregisterAsVersioned_Example.py
# Description: Unregisters a dataset as versioned
# Author: ESRI

# Import system modules
import arcpy

# Set local variables
datasetName = "Database Connections/ninefour@gdb.sde/ninefour.GDB.ctgFuseFeature"

# Execute UnregisterAsVersioned
arcpy.UnregisterAsVersioned_management( datasetName, "KEEP_EDIT", "COMPRESS_DEFAULT")


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