Create CAD XData (Conversion)


Creates an attribute field called 'XDList' in the Input Table.


This is a deprecated tool. To learn more about how this tool works click here to view archived documentation. This functionality has been replaced by the tool Export_to_CAD that now exports feature class schema, attribute values, and coordinate system information to XRecords as defined by the ESRI Mapping Specification for Drawings.



CreateCADXData_conversion (In_table, Fields, RegApp, Output_Type)
ParameterExplanationData Type

This table contains the fields used to generate an XML string of values recognized by the Export to CAD tool. This enables XData to be created on output objects, based on values of fields from the Input Table.

Table View

The selected field values for the encoded XData.

The Add Field button, which is used only in ModelBuilder, allows you to add expected field(s) so that you can complete the dialog and continue to build your model.


The AutoCAD extended entity data registered application name. Required by only AutoCAD to identify the XData. This application name is an identifier of the newly created XData.


Format of the AutoCAD XData.

  • ADEThe XData string that contains a tag, type, and value in a single string.
  • TRADITIONALSingle-typed value without tag names.

Code Sample

# Name:
# Description: Creates XData from a feature class and exports it to a CAD file with the Extended Entity Data.
# Author: ESRI

# Import system modules
import arcpy
from arcpy import env
# Local variables...
Roads2 = "C:/Test_data/Personal GDB/OrangeCounty.mdb/Roads"
OrangeCounty_mdb = "C:/Test_data/Personal GDB/OrangeCounty.mdb"
Roads = "C:/Test_data/Personal GDB/OrangeCounty.mdb/Roads"
roads_dwg = "C:/Test_data/CAD/roads.dwg"
# Process: Select Data...
arcpy.SelectData_management(OrangeCounty_mdb, "Roads", )
# Process: Create CAD XData...
arcpy.CreateCADXData_conversion(Roads, "'MINOR2';'MAJOR3';'MINOR3';'MAJOR4';'MINOR4';'DESCRIPT';'Shape_Length'", "ArcGIS", "ADE", )
# Process: Export to CAD...
arcpy.ExportCAD_conversion("'C:/Test_data/Personal GDB/OrangeCounty.mdb/Roads'", "DWG-R2007", roads_dwg, "USE_FILENAMES_IN_TABLES", "OVERWRITE_EXISTING_FILES", "")


Licensing Information

ArcView: Yes
ArcEditor: Yes
ArcInfo: Yes