Export Metadata Multiple (Conversion)


Exports metadata for many ArcGIS items to a designated folder. This tool is a model that uses Export Metadata to export metadata for many ArcGIS items.



ExportMetadataMultiple_conversion (Source_Metadata, Translator, Output_Folder)
ParameterExplanationData Type

The set of items whose metadata will be converted, or the set of stand-alone XML files that will be converted.

Data Element

An XML file that defines the conversion that will be performed.

The translator files provided with ArcGIS Desktop can be found in the <ArcGIS Installation Location>\Metadata\Translator folder. The following conversions are supported:

  • ArcGIS to FGDC (ARCGIS2FGDC.xml)
  • ArcGIS to ISO 19139 (ARCGIS2ISO19139.xml)
  • FGDC to ArcGIS (FGDC2ESRI_ISO.xml)
  • FGDC to ISO 19139 (FGDC2ISO19139.xml)
  • ISO 19139 to ArcGIS (ISO19139_2ESRI_ISO.xml)
  • ArcGIS or ESRI-ISO to ISO 19139 (ESRI_ISO2ISO19139.xml)

An existing folder where the output XML files containing the converted metadata will be stored.


Code Sample

Export metadata for many ArcGIS items

Updates and exports metadata for several ArcGIS items to XML files that are formatted correctly for the ISO 19139 metadata standard. The output XML files are stored in the specified folder.

import arcpy
from arcpy import env
env.workspace = "C:/data"
#set local variables
sources = "vegetation;vegtypes;vegreport.doc;vegmap.mxd;veglayer.lyr"
dir = arcpy.GetInstallInfo("desktop")["InstallDir"]
translator = dir + "Metadata/Translator/ESRI_ISO2ISO19139.xml"
arcpy.ExportMetadataMultiple_conversion (sources, translator, "c:/data/export")


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