Evaluate Site tool

Evaluate Site Overview

You can access the Evaluate Site menu from the Business Analyst toolbar. You can select options for evaluating one site or multiple sites as indicated in the image below.

Below are the options that can be found in the Evaluate Site menu.

Click on the Map

Use this command to click anywhere on the map and add a point. It is the basic form of prospecting a location as you don't need to know a specific address. Think of it as throwing a dart on the map to retrieve more demographic information from the spot you pick.

Find point by address

Use this command to enter a single address. The address will be geocoded, and the location is placed on the map.

Use selected point on the map

Use this command to select any point on the map using the ArcGIS Select tool. This method works well if you have many points in a layer and don't want to permanently export points before prospecting a site.

Input coordinates

Use this command to enter latitude and longitude coordinates. This is most often used when a highly precise location is required or if a postal address doesn't apply to a location such as a cellular phone tower or a weather station.

Use Address Inspector

Use this command if you know the area you want to prospect but are looking to verify the exact address. You can click and hover over the map to display address information snapping to the street network. When you find the address, right-click to prospect the site.

Use Multiple Sites > Using a store layer

Use this command if you have previously created a store layer in Business Analyst. Each store location will be evaluated in the analysis.

Use Multiple Sites > By entering store addresses

Use this command to enter multiple addresses and evaluate each site.

Use Multiple Sites > Using a table of store addresses

Use this command if you have a table of store addresses. The wizard allows you to geocode these records on the fly, then evaluates each site.

Evaluating Sites Using the Address Inspectors

You might use Evaluating Sites with the Address Inspectors when you are familiar with the area but need to verify the address.

  1. Select Address Inspector from the Evaluate Site menu.
  2. Click and drag the cursor along the road network to view addresses in the context menu.
    Evaluate site
  3. Right-click to to open the menu and select Prospect the current location in Business Analyst. This allows you to evaluate the location with a simple ring, drive time or threshold trade area.
    Prospect the current location

You can create Demographic and Summary reports from Evaluate Site. Check the Create Reports check box at the end of the Simple Ring, Drive Time or Threshold Area wizard.

The Evaluate Site outputs are available in the Business Analyst Repository Trade Area section as point and polygon features.